happy me with no makeup on lol (also I'm not naked) 

Rings (from left)
Left middle finger: bottom rings were made by my mums friend
moonstone on Left middle finger: from a local shop 
Left index finger: 18th birthday present from The Great Frog 
Left thumb: brought in Stuttgart 
Right index finger: Ying yang from a local shop (xmas present from my dad) 
Turquoise stone from Accessorise
Right middle finger: bottom ring is my mothers and top was from Brighton.  

Daniel Wellington watch (gifted by my bf)

Heya!!  Today I wanted to show you all the jewellery I tend to wear on the everyday. I recently brought a pair of Picasso face earrings from Depop and they have inspired my wardrobe this week, and have become a part of my daily jewellery. I've switched from my hoops to some Picasso faces. 

I mean how amazing are they; getting those art hoe vibez. 

Those of you who know me will know I'm a massive fan of rings, and I have an absurdly large ring collection. The rings I wear daily change frequently, but the regulars tend to include The Great Frog Ring I got for my 18th and the thumb ring I purchased in Stuttgart last winter.  For me, rings are the most convenient jewellery. You can always see them on yourself, and they rarely get in the way. 

Ty for all your lovely comments on my last post too; it was definitely a bit of a challenge posting that, but I'm so glad I did. 

Happy hump dayy!! (have only recently found out what that means..) 

lexie x 


  1. looove the jewels, esp those picasso-esque earrings!!!! Nothing like a bitta metal to spice up an outfit...X

  2. ...so jealous, I really want a daniel wellington watch!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Gal I love your rings! I'm the same, I am obsessed with mine and have an ever-growing collection. Also adore those earrings I must get myself a pair!


  4. love love love these, especially the earrings! xox


thank you x

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