brighton pride

Back at the start of August it was Brighton Pride! Brighton is like a second home to me, but I always work on Saturdays so I've never been. This year I booked the day off and ventured with my family (and Ella) to pride. It was the most glorious day, full of happiness and celebrations.
My summer art project from college was to go on a walk and document it. I chose to explore Pride as a political walk; looking at it from both my present day (mildly inebriated) perspective and it's historical importance for the LGBT community today.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm crap at drawing and painting buildings so I decided to look at portraiture. The good spirits and vibes in Brighton that day meant asking strangers to take their picture was considerably easier. It was an exciting conversation starter and way to talk to strangers. These photos are a few of my favourite, but there are more on my instagram @lexiealexandra.

For me, the day was a reminder of how important it is to celebrate difference, without forgetting the struggle. It was a reminder of how diverse our society is.
I took a portrait of one lady and she took my instagram down so I could send the photos to her later. She messaged me telling me, "I'm about to move away from England and that day was my goodbye to Brighton. This guy was the first friend I made here so it means a lot."
I believe there is a certain power in photography. There is power in the words behind the image, the stories that remain hidden. Taking photographs at pride was one of the most exciting and interesting things I've done creatively, and I cannot wait for the many more prides to come!

-lexie x 


  1. love this Lex!! I love seeing the different personalities through your photography

    Tasha xxx

    1. Thankyou bby! It was such a lovely experience and day x x

  2. Aw I love the special characters one meets at Pride! So nice you got to capture an important moment for those two friends xx


thank you x