this was my go to outfit- a crochet dress I thrifted in Paris

So at the end of last month my family and I went on holiday to Portugal to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. It came at a strange time as my Grandad passed away a week before. Nevertheless, the holiday was well needed and well enjoyed.

I hope A-Levels went well for everyone. It's important not to define yourself by your results good or bad, you're more than a letter. I managed to get A* English, A Media and B in art; so it was a good day. 
I don't really know what I'm going to do with myself for these last few weeks of holiday, I have a lot of art to do for my course but it feels like I have so much more besides art to do. I wish the clock would slow down for a minute:/ 

Hope you all are well
Lexie x x


  1. beautiful photos, as always. I'm glad you are happy with your results, I was too but am beginning to learn, as you said, that they don't define me or make me a good or indestructible person (which I thought as I downed jager bombs on thursday night)
    I hope your last few weeks of summer are blissful, I'm getting nostalgic that they are nearly over, despite feeling like they have only just begun.

  2. Well done in your grades Lexie!! Also such pretty photos. I find it weird that peoples summers are slowly ending, I'm beginning a new job tomorrow with only four days warnings so I have had no chance to have that 'oh no summer is ending' feeling. Good luck getting all your art work done!x

  3. its sooo beautiful I love the pics!! Congrats gal theyre well deserved and summer went waaaay too fast!! xxx

  4. I love the photos! Portugal looks amazing x

  5. Gahh these photographs are so incredibly beautiful - I'm so jel!!! Also congrats on the results, they're AMAZING! Well done b! xx

  6. the first two pictures are my fav!! hope u had a good time <3


  7. beautiful photos!


  8. Portugal is very beautiful! Hope you spended a great time with your family! ^^


thank you x