Dalal and Tasha
Hola mes amigos,

As some of you know I was also meant to be visiting Barcelona with Tasha (Love From Tasha), however there was a 'mare at Gatwick and 30 flights got cancelled... including ours:( We were only planning to go for three days so it didn't make sense to get a flight the next day and ended up cancelling our holiday:(( ty easyjet x x x
However, my sister came to the rescue and let us stay for a few days in her flat in Chelsea, London. It was a fun few days, mainly consisting of shopping, eating and visiting art galleries! We also met up with Dalal from Monochrome Daises on our last day in the Tate which was amazee (despite me being incredibly hungover, sorry Tasha and Dalal lol.) It was such a odd experience meeting someone you know from the internet, but nonetheless amazing and Dalal took us to this cool pizza place.

I also finally did my Paris Vlog! You can watch that here:)) 

I'm back for a bit here now, so you can expect (but don't hold me to it) more videos and more posts!
Love you guys,
Lexie x