this is a mega photo heavy post

Jardin de Luxembourg (Tame Impala fans you get me)

 This is my mum, we tried to copy the tourist pose but failed.. She's a cutie and I love her lots.
Hey guys! I hope you're well. So last weekend, my mum and I went to Paris as kinda a belated birthday weekend. I went to Paris with a friend a few years ago and fell in love with the city; I've been wanting to go back ever since. It was ridiculously hot- with temperatures of like 33 degrees! How mad! The Parisians dealt with it so well, mum and I were legit sweltering- we had a lot of cafe stops lets just say.
I took a tonne of pics and videos too, I've really got into my photography recently (sorry if you follow me on ig, I have been spamming like mad gah..) There will be a vlog out soon! And a birthday vlog too...
What I loved the most about the holiday was people watching; capturing subtle moments of Parisians and people I don't know. There's something intriguing about it; you capture a second of their lives- blissfully unaware of their struggles, their achievements, their stories.

Have you ever been to Paris? I'm away for a few weeks now, so sorry if I'm a bit crap on the blogging front...
-Lexie x