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hello again guys! Sorry this post is so photo heavy, but I went to the beach yesterday and it was so beautiful so I took some photos. How gorgeous is it; the tide was out and the sky was very cloudy and reflected perfectly in the sand.

Anyway, IM FREE!! A-levels can do one. Not too much has happened; I turned eighteen, I voted (bun the tories), and I revised a lot.
It's been a strange few months to say the least, I've been in a bubble working late at the library, the end never felt like it would come but now it has come and it feels bittersweet. I really dislike the education system; the fact that one exam dictates what you know on a subject baffles me- it undeniably favours those who have a good memory.

I've also been trying to compile posts, I have about 5 unpublished and unfinished posts addressing the world. Because I cant quite comprehend it all. I'm tired and bored of overwhelming number of political posts on social media, and the constant influx of bad news we see as the world slowly but surely descends into madness. Social media and the internet have been particularly influential in this election; but I'm undecided as to whether it is creating transparency in the political scene, or more confusion in both vulnerable and undecided voters.

I'm scared for my generations future, but this fear is coupled with a small bit of hope. We've seen the mistakes our parents have made, and our generation needs to make a change. I personally feel guilty for the privilege I have, but I will continue to challenge what is accepted in society, because it is important to act and question the makeup of society (by this I mean not buying into fast fashion, eating meat. I mean, I would act on my anti-war beliefs but I don't think political leaders would want military advice from an 18 year old girl. But idek)

On a lighter, pro-hedonistic approach; I turned 18 on the 6th June and it was the bestest! My actual birthday was mid exams so couldn't go out, but I went out last Friday and it was such lols I don't remember a thing. #alcoholicmillennials I'm gonna do a YouTube video haul on what I got if people wanna see? let me know in the comments though.

So yeah thats what I've been up to, minus school dramas. I'm beyond happy to be leaving my school, I'm in need of a change. I've got some fab plans for summer and I can't wait to share them with you all.

What have you guys been up to?