life in 35mm


sam and chelsea 

claudias legs <3

Chels and her pint of wine, this is probs the most over used caption ever by me. Was lols though bc Chels tried to order a pint of wine from the bar.. 

Finn, Sam and Chelsea, the bestest drinking buddies evaaa. Also I defo take for granted where I live. I'm super lucky to be so close to the sea, and beautiful hills the other way. It might have a pretty dire night life, but its pretty beautiful sometimes. 
my new brown haurr
old blonde hurr

Hello, so I've decided to basically pre-schedule a tonne of posts! It's currently Thursday 4th May rn (I'm not sure when this will go out), and I've just finished day two of my A-Level art exam, one more day to go... You guys may have seen the photos I took of my friend Ella in a post I did a few weeks ago, but I basically chose to do a large A1 painting from one of them, with a big old distortion running through her face, in the style of artist Henrietta Harris . If I'm allowed to take a photo I'll put one in below.

As you'll know I've been getting into my photography recently, and whilst I have been doing shoots, I've also just been photography my life and my friends (only when it's been exciting lol), so I thought I better show you guys some of my favourites!
And to the friends not featured in these photos, you know who you are and my camera will be probs coming with me to the next social occasion we're at together, so watch out hehe.

-lexie x


  1. luuuuurv these pics (110% wish I had friends who took candids of me lol) x

    1. tyy katiee! Ik, I'm trying to be that friend lol x

  2. love this! <3 makes me excited to get my film developed too xox

  3. I hope your A-level art exam went well and you were happy with your finished piece! I'm currently looking into buying a camera as I would really like to get a little more into photography and I want to provide some better quality photos on my blog. I really love your photography, you have captured some really great photos!
    Can't wait for your next post!

    Tab x

  4. I love your photography! It's so vintage and artistic... your blog is so creative, I feel inspired xx

    mia // https://okaaythen.com

  5. I love your portraits, you always show people who is important for you and the nice moments you share!

  6. What beautiful shots. I wish I delved more into photography. Like what I used to when I was in school. I miss taking spontaneous shots. These days everything is so planned and thought out. It almost takes the joy out of it


  7. Luvv these photos and v glad i came across your blog! I am dying to get a 35mm camera for this summer - it would be so nice to capture these moments. Good luck in the rest of your exams! xx

  8. I'm actually in love with these photos <3 Can't wait for more

  9. Love it love it love it SO much! Such a nice mood in all the pictures i just ... love it.

    Solange | creativepineapples.blogspot.com

  10. these are so beautiful! X


  11. The 35mm is such popular recently.
    One of my friend also use it often, but I never tried.
    Think I should try it soon after see these photos x



thank you x