Hello guys!

Sorry about image quality firstly, but tonight/today I wanted to talk about my brother George. I've never really talked about George before, I may have mentioned him in passing, but I don't tend to talk about my personal life in explicit detail on here. I have three older siblings, a sister and two brothers- George being the closest in age to me. He's twenty years old (which is so crazy) and he has Downs Syndrome.  For those of you who don't know, Downs Syndrome is caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21 making George a little different from you and me. 

George is one of my best friends, and he always has been. For my A-level media coursework, I made this short film about him. I wanted to show him as the person I know him to be; from the cheeky boy to the kind, compassionate man he's grown up to be. I initially wanted to make a short documentary style thing, but ain't nobody got time fo that, so I made this silly video of George recounting a story from when he was little. It's a bit random, but it was fun to film. 
When trying to brainstorm ideas for the film, I was getting stuck coming up with a climatic moment. My teacher was offering ideas and asked, "why don't you talk about the moment you realised he was different?" 
I thought about this question for a few days, I was literally racking my brain, trying to remember this 'moment.'  But it wasn't, there was never a moment of realisation. As a child, you look at the world so free of judgement and expectations. My parents never told me George had Downs Syndrome, I think it was something I learnt from overhearing their conversations. I looked at George as my older brother, as a role model- I don't think I have ever looked at him as someone with a disability. 
Having an older brother with learning difficulties hasn't been easy, as I'm sure many of you can understand, but George is an inspiration for me. He has taught me compassion, forgiveness and patience, and I cannot thank him enough for being so loving and accepting of everyone.  

I hope you like it guys and no hate pls,

lexie x 

(also I'm sorry about George's weird beard, he chose to shave the day after we filmed.. typical eh)