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These photos are so big lol, but here are some photos I took of my beautiful friend Ella as part of an art topic I''m doing atm for the theme of 'Multiples'. I'm mainly experimenting using multiple colours, and looking at Jen Mann (as mentioned in my last post) and Andy Warhol's work.

Anyway, I haven't been up to much recently ahah, but I did post a Youtube video about my March the other day. I had quite a good march according to my vid, but obvs I only put the good stuff in. I think it's so easy on social media to construct a new identity, it all comes down to what people chose to show. There were some really shitty times in march, like my boyfriend going away, my Grandparents being in and out of hospital. It's so important not to believe everything you see/read lol

How are you guys doing?
-lexie x


  1. awww nice portraits! Your friend is so beautiful and you have portrayed her very well!
    hope this month goes better for you! be strong!

  2. these are BEAUTIFUL wowoow

    Edie x

  3. These photos are so artistic and lovely!

  4. luv luv these photos and your video, so true what you say about social media xoxo


  5. these photos are stunning! i absolutley love the use of colour/lighting!! 100% agree that we all construct our social media images and that it doesnt always show the full story! hope everything gets better for you x


thank you x