bday wishlist

It's been a seriously long time since I did one of these posts. Since changing my blog around and getting this snazzy template,  there are little 'recommended posts' at the bottom of each post. It seriously reminded me of my old posts and the Polyvore days lol; I tried to go on Polyvore to do this post but it just wasn't the same.
My 18th birthday is coming up in June and I'm mega excited and scared. I'm excited to be 18 so I can FINALLY legally go out and fuel my alcohol problem, but I'm really quite scared to get older. I'm seventeen and not yet an adult- this is the last time I'm a 'dancing queen' (in reference to the Abba song ahah.)

I'm not one to have a massive list for my birthday, but as it's my eighteenth I've gone a little crazy. Besides wanting silver platform boots (which I cant find, hmu if you know where I can find some) and everything from Urban Outfitters, here's my bday list:

1- From my parents I've asked for the beautiful Great Frog ring on the top left. Those of you who don't know me irl, I'm a ring fanatic. I first found The Great Frog from my ultimate favourite vlogger, Sunbeamsjess. She has a few from them and I absolutely love them. I specially like the snake one as it's a bit different to their skull ones.
2- From my the rest of my family I've asked for the round Raybans. They're such a classic style and I've had some fakes for a while, so think it is time to invest in the real deal.
3+4 - I've fallen in love with all the Brandy Melville clothing since I found out that they're ethical (I can't confirm that though..) So the Yosemite top and the yellow jumper are up there on my list. Although after putting the yellow jumper in I think I like it in grey..?
5- I fucking love Vivienne Westwood. She is SUCH A BABE. I watched this I-D interview with her and gah she is so sweet, but I totally disagree with her on the artist statement! Like there are so many artists out there, and so many people with vision! It's so much harder to make a name for yourself nowadays, especially with all the competition. Anyway, back to the necklace. I'm a massive fan of the orb necklace design, but not the mega sparkly ones. I found this outlined one on the Selfridges website and it's so cool and classic.

6- I'm wanting/ needing a pair of white mom jeans and white mom shorts. So cool eh. I am a bit apprehensive tho bc of period spills and grass stains, but you gotta live a little.
7- I want everything from UNIF. I'm actually mad about their platform boots. I have fallen in love with all of them, especially the sparkly disco ones. Defo not mad about their prices tho.
8- I'm really wanting some coloured eyeliner! This one is from lush and its in like a metallic, blue shade. It'll be so good for a pop of colour.
9- Me and Tasha are off to Barcelona in summer and I'm looking for a bikini. I found this website called Boho Rose Vintage who do these cool 80's swimsuits. I love this coral one and the highwaisted bottoms lol.
10- Finally, I'm hunting for a pair of red Kappa trackies. How amazing do they look in the photo? So bloody cool. If you know anyone who has any to sell or wants to give me theirs hmu;)
11- I got to the bottom of this list thinking I'd done them all but I missed out the CDG wallet and cba to renumber!! I really badly want a CDG wallet, they're the perfect size and style. I don't wanna sound like a hypebeast, but Supreme did a collab with CDG and omg I love it. Every style was so funky, I just hate the stigma around supreme:/ I feel like I'd be judged hard for having it. But I don't care, I would do anything for this wallet omg.

(they do it in pink too, but I can only find it on depop for like £300 lol)

Have you guys got a wishlist atm? I think the stress of exams has led to me escaping through shopping.. It's a nice form of escapism but not for my bank.

-lexie x


  1. your new template is 11/10, it's so slick and professional- check u outttt
    this collage is so aesthetically pleasing (ugh i hate the phrase now) and those kappa trackies are actually beautiful...onto depop i go!!! enjoy barcelona, cannot wait for the photos <3

    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. thank you, I'm loving it eee. aren't they just the bestt, I think everyone needs a pair!! thank you my love <3

  2. all these things are v cool lex!! omg i literally having withdrawal symptoms from shoping, cant wait to buy stuff for barcelonaaa x


thank you x