So I recently stumbled across the last photo of Sarah Jessica Parker on tumblr and I lovee it. I've always admired SJP's glamorous style, and stumbling across these old photos was like stumbling across a goldmine. I gotta say I am a cheat- I've never watched SITC or The Carrie Diaries (I need to, I know), but I can still love her style anyway?!! I'm particularly loving her bold outfit in the second picture, and her hair is firee. 
Whos your current girl crush? 
-lexie x 


  1. I lovee Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion, she wears so many different staples and mixes up so many different things, I wish I had the same creativity!

    Maddie x | thatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

  2. duuuude sjp in sex in the city is SO. GOOD. ugh i love her (and also the carrie diaries - too good). my current girl crush would have to beee audrey horne from twin peaks. i'm currently re-watching it and she's so beautiful!!!! but also thanks for reminding me how much i love sjp's style

  3. omg she looks amazing in all of these (loving the red trouser look so bad omllllll)

  4. I adore her style! All of these looks are awesome and second is perfection!


  5. I'm not very fan of this woman, I didn't watch the serie, maybe I should know her better, but I have to admit that the old outfits are very inspiring!

    P.S. I have a prize for you in my blog ^^

  6. I love her since I was 13 hahaha
    I'm the kind of girl that is a freak of Sex at the City hahaha
    All her outfits are outstanding and she is amazing, that for sure!

    Regards from Spain!!

    Two on the road


thank you x