life update

Jorja Smith (pic from on the web)

What I've been doing-
So I've been pretty stressed out with school at the moment. Exams are in three months, I haven't started proper revision and media studies is killing me. I really enjoy art, and it makes such a change to be able to just sit and listen to music whilst painting! I've been doing the topic multiples, and studying artists like Andy Warhol and Jen Mann. I lovee the colours Jen Mann uses, I found her art on Petra Collins' tumblr a few years ago, and have been watching as she's grown in success; it's so nice to have an art inspiration who is alive and creating. 

In terms of my social life, it's been pretty non existent... I'm trying to do this Youtube thing but it's so hard to be constantly thinking of creative content (I don't wanna conform and be that typical girl youtuber... *sigh*) It's my eighteenth birthday on June 6th (the day after is my first exam waheyy) so I've been trying to think of things to do with my friends, I think I'm probs gonna host prinks before going out which will be fab.
(I've also been over using the word fab.. no hate)

What I've been reading/watching- 

I have been obsessed with Louis Theroux this past month. I completely forgot about his Weird Weekends and LA stories, so have been catching up on them. He has such an interesting way when interviewing people, he almost manages to disguise these deeply personal questions in the form of simple questions, so the interviewee almost doesn't realise how much they've been saying. I was particularly moved by his Miami Mega Jail episodes. It really does sadden me to see how some people have literally given up, there is such poverty and violence in the world that I will likely never see or be exposed to. It's a completely different world and it does act as a reminder of how lucky I am to have such a supportive family. 
I haven't been reading anything exciting:( Because of revision I've just been revising Great Gatsby and A Streetcar Named Desire. Both texts really have not been lifting my mood... After studying Great Gatsby for two years I've come to the conclusion that I really bloody don't like it. I adore the imagery and Fitzgeralds style of writing, but I'm not feeling any love for any of the Characters (espec Nick.) It's such a negative novella and I've tried so hard to like it... It's quite nice to write about though...

What I've been listening to-

Omg Drakes new album lemme tell you Passionfruit is a tuneee. I'm going to Boomtown in August so have been listening to a lot of the lineup. I dont' really listen to drum and bass on a casual basis, but at festivals it's just too good. 

Jorja Smiths new track Beautiful Little Fools (it's title comes from a line in Great Gatsby from none other than Daisy Buchanan.. Great Gatsby is everywhere) is also gorgeous. I can't get enough of her beautiful voice!!!

What I want-

I really, really want exams to be over. So I can chill, create and have fun. I also really want to replace all my makeup with cruelty free products. I'm slowly getting there, I brought some Lush mascara today so I'm interested to see how that goes..

What I've been anticipating-
I reallly cant wait for warmer weather. I think it just makes everyone so much more positive. I can't wait to go to pubs with my friends and drink gin and tonic legally in the warm evening sun! Gahh soon. I'm so lucky to live where I live, I'm a 20 min car ride from the beach, a 20min car ride from country side. I'm so excited for beach days and just lying around... I also cant wait for my boyfriend to come back from travelling hahah

 It's a bit of a crappy time of year, but It's so important to appreciate every moment and not wish it away. 
What are you guys looking forward to?
Also Dalal did this post too on her blog, I copied her lol 

-lexie x


  1. 1) I feel u on streetcar, I l-o-v-e it but its so bloody depressing, esp. when you realise William's mentality that desire=death and anyone who isn't an animalistic, misogynistic dick will perish.
    2) Summer, yes!!!! Warmth and legal clubbing (w/o crappy fake ID omg) and no exams
    3) Also this time of year is 100% the worst. Exams aren't close enough to be like driving on the fear/stress/pressure but its all self motivation. Coursework deadlines on top of mocks on top of homework and I feel like I am dying (literally)
    stick in there, it'll all be worth it in the end and even if not, think of the glorious summer!!!x
    (p.s I love 'fab'-also 'lol', I am overusing it so much) (p.p.s sorry this comment is so long)

    1. It's soo sad!! Cant wait to have a real ID pahaha. We can defo make it through! Not too long now:/ xx

  2. I love this style of post, and Louis Theroux is my favourite person in the world ever

    Edie x

    1. me too, its so nice to see what everyones doing!! Gah hes so fab

  3. Passionfruit is the tuneee of the summer, one to listen to on a beach right? I was going to do one of these posts but my life really isn't exciting right now, most of it is spent revising and/or procrastingn via going out to get food :)) love this post


    1. Defo one to listen to on the beach! Ahahaha I know thats pretty much what I've been up to too! x


thank you x