It snowed guys. It snowed in England for the first time in like 5 years. And it was freezing! As you can tell from my outfit I wasn't exactly prepped for cold weather (I'm wearing the summery yellow trousers I got in Berlin), and it's safe to say I have a cold now.. Me and my friend Claudia went to Brighton to take photos for her art and do some shopping in the laines! I managed to cop a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for £28 which I don't think is too bad?
This weekend has been pretty crazy, I had a friends party on Friday night, then a family party on Saturday night... I've also got my driving theory test tomorrow which I am so not ready for lol.

I've been listening to Jorja Smith sooo much this week, if you haven't heard of her stuff I 10/10 recommend, she has such a beautiful voice! And she is so stunning ermagawd.

How has your weekend been?