bleaching my hair

hey guys! Long time no see. I've been so busy with school work and stressing about revision. My boyfriend is also off travelling for 5 months around Asia without me so I've also been a lil sad; but alas I am back with a lil post! I As you guys know, I naturally have blonde hair but I've wanted to go a lighter colour for a while. I normally dye my hair with the Bleach London Balayage kit but I wanted something a bit brighter, so full on bleached it! It was a bit scary but I'm very happy with it, would defo recommend the dye for anyone looking to go lighter. These photos are all such mugs but were taken when me and my friends went to see Sundara Karma in half term. It was messy; but hey you live n learn- defo not prinking so hard next time lol.

Have you tried the bleach London dyes?



  1. looks fab!! I feel like bleaching my hair would be too dramatic but maybe some highlights? I guess summer will be the time to experiment!!!
    also, "defo not prinking so hard next time" is the literal story oml lol
    hope you're not dying under revision (easier said than done)

    1. Thank you Katie!! Yeah defo go for highlights first, thats what I did! ahah ikr, I honestly never learn and do such stupid things:/ x

  2. you look very beautiful in your new hair tone! what is you original hair color? has damaged your hair?
    I'm very interested on dying my hair, so that's why I'm asking ^^
    I understand how you feel about your boyfriend, I would feel the same! Hope he can't bring you on his next travel!

    1. Awh thank you Cília! My natural hair colour is like a dark blonde, I'm slowly going brown though! In regards to damage, I had a hair cut straight after I dyed it to get rid of split ends, so my hair is in top form! I know I'm so jealous, I'm hoping he will ahaha x x

  3. Loving this hue on you. I've never tried to do it myself. I'm accident and incident prone so I leave crucial stuff like my precious hairs to my hairdresser. BTW I really like these photos. There's a beautiful chaos about them. If that makes sense.


    1. Thank you!! Ahaha thats probably for the best then, I have had many bad DIY experiences with hair so I should probably start going to the hairdressers x x


thank you x