my favourites (not to do with instagram..)

hey guys!!
I'm really struggling atm- I've hit this weird block.. I've been trying lots of things out like youtube etc but I just feel like I'm not really progressing creatively? It's been a long time since I've made anything I'm proud of. I want to create but I honestly don't know what to do/ what my vibes are? I basically have no idea what I'm doing at the moment, it's all gone a bit weird..

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you all I have made a new instagram for my blog @lexiealexandrablog (that's the username at the moment, but it'll change.) I'd be very grateful if you could follow it, I need to find all you folks on instagram!! The point of this is just to basically compile everything and get myself sorted eh. I'm just stuck in a rut at the moment, I need someone to tell me what to do lol...

hope you all are well, what do you guys do in this situation??


UPDATE: After a day, I've decided I don't like having two instagrams so I'm gonna stick with one lool. So my Instagram is @lexiealexandra (as per)