I had two coats on bc it was freezing.. 

So many pics outside the spar? Who knew it could look so cool. So following my journey of only buying second hand, I went charity shopping yesterday. We went to a city near where I live and just blitzed all the shopsss. I got the green trench coat I'm wearing in the last pic for £3?!! Whatabargain. I also picked up a record holder box which is very cool and handy. It's defo going to help stop all my records getting dusty..

I hope all you guys had a fab New Years Eve! It feels like it was so long ago, but it was only last week? I've decided this year I'm going to put more effort into looking after myself. When I get stressed and overwhelmed with revision etc I completely neglect my physical and mental health and it's never a good idea to do that. Hopefully this year I'll get the balance right.
Have you guys got any new years resolutions?