how truthful is this quote?
Long time no see y'all,

I'm so stressed at the moment I haven't had a second to think about blogging which sucks. I have had so many ideas and things to share with you but I honestly haven't had anytime to write it out:(( I miss you guys too and reading everyones blogs, I'm going to make a blog roll page this christmas so I can keep on top of all dese blogz!
Anyway despite the fact that a-levels are slowly killing me, I went to Stuttgart in Germany two weeks ago with my parents to do a bit of christmas shopping and gallery visiting. It's a truly amazing city, full of beautiful things and beautiful design work. I wish I could stay there forever- drinking mulled wine and eating crepes.  I'm lucky enough to be going to Berlin next weekend too so I will try and vlog that for you all.. and get some outfit shots, because it has been so long! If you guys have been to Berlin and know any cool places to visit or food places to go please hit me up as I've never been before.

I'm going to do the Q&A video over Christmas too and I shall try and film some other videos, however I'm always overly optimistic of how long Christmas is...

How have you all been?

-Lexie x

*I wanted to try and post every Monday so as of this Monday I will try..


  1. cool pictures! I love how nice is Germany with art, all places are full of it!
    Maybe I'm late, but I went to Berlin last April and I did a posts about the travel... Hope you enjoyed the city, I miss it very much because here I felt like home!

    1. ah I will have to look at your post and get some ideas! I'm going this week eek x

  2. looks like such a beautiful place! love the photos x


thank you x