As a continuation of the other days post; heres some more holiday pics! I had such a wonderful time in Berlin, it's such a cool city. On the last day during our frantic Christmas shopping phase Archie and me stumbled across this hugee thrift shop. It was honestly so big and everything was very reasonably priced. Archie picked up few shirts which were very cool and I grabbed a neat pair of yellow high waisted trousers! I'm yet to adjust them but, they only cost me 3 euros so whatever happens it wont matter. We did all the typical touristy things like the gate, east side gallery; it was mainly just lovely being in a brand new city full of so many cool people.
We also had a look at all the Christmas markets which were so lovely! Germany certainly know how to do their christmas. On Monday of course there was also an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin; fortunately for us we weren't at that market but it did hit home how close it was to us. My thoughts go out to all those who died in the incident.

How have you guys been? Have you ever visited Berlin?
-Lexie x