shoes- mango
trousers- charity shop
jumper- new look (my boyfriends)
coat- depop
scarf- H&M
gloves- monki

Last Sunday me and my boyfriend Archie went on a short trip to Berlin to have a look at the sights and do some chrimbo shopping. It was so, so freezing and I defo did not wear enough layers this day (look at my red ankles lol,) but I had a nice outfit on, so who's winning here? 
I've recently decided to try this new thing which I urge you all to give it a go... I've been watching and reading lots on our fast fashion culture and it's really making me upset to see how must waste; we are living in such a throw away society. So I've decided to only buy second hand, I'm not sure how long I'll last, (buying second hand undies isn't particularly appealing but mum sorted me out at Christmas lol). Depop has really been such a game changer for me, you can buy brand new things that people are just throwing away for half the price! I think this new change will be helping my wallet out;) 
If you're interested in what changes I'm making to my wardrobe and what I've been watching to inspire me to make this change, I'm thinking of doing a blog post talking about what it means very soon!

For now I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas,

-lexie x