(a pic of a beautiful place near my home)

I find it deeply saddening seeing what is becoming of humanity and this world. As humans we are complex creatures; and everyone is so different- which makes everyday both a blessing and a struggle.This year has been full of struggles; from brutal murders to shock political decisions and war. Right wing populism is sweeping across the globe, and as a young person I feel more and more detached from the place I call home; and the people that inhabit it.
I honestly find it incredibly difficult to comprehend the extreme negative attitudes surrounding immigration, race, sexuality, abortion etc. It hurts me that people can so quickly turn on one and other with little excuse. It is our individuality that makes society and the world such an interesting place, it is our differences that unite us. I am distressed about the mistreatment of women, POC, immigrants, muslims, and the LGBT community; and what will become of the world in four years time.
It is particularly disheartening to find that Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change and wishes to dismantle the Paris agreement. The world is in a very fragile state, if we don't change our habits now the world may not be here for much longer.
And I find that saddening. I find it saddening that someone chooses to disregard something that is clearly visible and something that is happening right now; because it doesn't benefit his business, and because he would rather blame another culture for a problem caused primarily by his own, western culture.
Whilst I may not be American, I can clearly see the issues that arise following Trumps 'triumph'. I want to believe thats it's all a joke, but his win will have a huge impact on the world and global issues.

How are you all feeling about this news?