paris, texas

You guys might know how much I love this film, I have a feeling I've mentioned it before. I re-watched it the other day and couldn't go by without doing a post on it. It's one of those films that takes me a while to get round to watching because it makes me so emotional (and it's so god damn long.) But it is so beautiful, and the cinematography is something else. These photos really don't give justice. I love the limited speech, but how beautifully crafted the speeches and conversations are. It is a truly mesmerising film. How gorgeous is Nastassja Kinski too? and Harry Dean Stanton totally nails his performance.

Also in other news, I have a lot of stuff planned, watch this space...
-Lexie x

*photos from the interweb and google


  1. Thanks for sharing, this film looks like something I'll definitely want to check out! <3




thank you x