Yayoi Kusama

just chilling Kusama...? 

During my work experience at the art gallery, I was able to look at their library and help organise the books. This was a task I rlly enjoyed (bc I'm a nerd.) I rediscovered my love for Yayoi Kusama and was able to do some thorough research about her and her work. I love Kusama's work and how she takes controversial topics and brings them to light. Whilst she had a troubled upbringing, it has served for almost inspiration within her works. You may recognize her from her collaboration with Louis Vuitton back in 2012, but her infinity mirrored room is particularly one of my main inspirations. In my art coursework I'm going to be using her and Tracey Emin's work as inspiration so will keep you updated....
-Lexie x


thank you x