seville and summer

 (not seville lol, just a recent pic of me incase you've forgotten who I am..)

Hi guys do you remember me?
Though not lol- I'm back again (I say that phrase way too much)
Summer has started, and I've been supe busy. At the start of summer I went to Latitude festival which was amazing and got to see so many amazing bands, cover myself in glitter and run around a forest for a whole weekend. Was brill. Then I went to London for the week to do work experience in an art gallery and visit my sister for the week. It's safe to say I spent so much money that week on clothes and delish food- I'll do a haul very soon;)
On friday I got back from Seville in Spain where I went on hols. We visited Seville for 3 days and had a fab time exploring (even tho it was like 40 degrees and I think I nearly died.) Then after that, we visited Vajer which is a really beautiful village in the mountains where we chilled by the pool.
It's been fab so far but I cannot wait for the rest of summer and all the adventures I have yet to come!
how have you guys been?


  1. These pictures are so pretty, man I wish I saw more nature in my summer!!! I am basically done with summer vacation, and it's pretty sad, but I hope yours is full of fun adventures!!!

  2. Seville looks so nice, even I live in Spain, I haven't been there yet, hope you enjoyed!


thank you x