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So I haven't been working much this summer... but I defo have been spending like crazyy. At Latitude I asked some guy friends how much money was a good idea to take, and ofc being males they were like "I only spent like £30." So I decided to go with minimal amount. Which was a bad move, bc there were so many pretty shops!! I walked away with the floral top which I love and was only £9?! and the 90's snazzy camo shirt. Both look pretty killer paired with some black mom jeans.

On my London adventure, my work experience was right in Oxford Circus so I went a lil loco on my lunch breaks. I picked up the denim jacket from Brandy Melville for like £30. I was in need of a big, oversized denim jacket even though it's summer.. So I'm pretty satisfied with that purchase (even though I defo could have found one cheaper, sometimes the hunt is too much effort eh.)
I also got this cute green long-sleeved t-shirt dress from Forever 21 which I love because it is soo easy to dress up/ dress down. EVERYONE NEEDS IT!
I've also been doing a bit of thrifting and picked up this gorg shirt skirt for £3. Even though it's a little too big it looks so fab with a black belt and a little white crop top. I also managed to nag a huge (fake) fur coat for like tener which I am so in love with (it's so hot though so I thought I'd save that for winter..) I also nagged this cute "CBS Sports" jumper from a new vintage shop. It's absolutley huge and so hot but I have not stopped wearing it..
I hope all of your results days went well!
-Lexie x


  1. luv the new stuff :)) x

  2. ahh it's all so vintage-y and cute! I loved this little haul.


  3. I love vintage finds and that jumper is cute! I keep meaning to go up to London to visit the vintage and charity shops.

    Tabitha | http://whattabithaloves.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank gal! London is so good for charity shopping x

    2. They so are!

      Tabitha x


thank you x