The EU referendum

"We have far more in common than that which divides us"- Jo Cox

I am not proud to be British on this day. Today marks a day of change; huge economic, social and political change. Whilst I know leaving the EU certainly isn't a true reflection of what my generation would have voted, we are a democracy and it is the general publics choice. As a seventeen year old British citizen this is a result that will directly affect my generations future, which is most definitely a worrying prospect given the current global and British political situation.
 The majority of leave voters were over the age of sixty, and whilst naturally they have the right to vote- it is our future at stake. It is our generation that will have to cope with the consequences created when they are long gone. But whilst the rise of the right wing and the sudden decrease in the pound is a scary prospect, it is the divide that has been created in this country that worries me the most.

Where has the humanity gone? The demonisation of human beings become a justification for leaving an organisation that is strongly beneficial to human rights, worker rights and the development of countries. A war was fought seventy years ago to protect the very counties in Europe- the Europe we have just left.

We cannot change what has happened but we can come together to fight against the hatred that is so rife in this country and this world.

Love you all, sorry to my non-british readers who will have no idea whats going on lol.
I just wanted to say a little bit about it because it is an issue I know a lot of people are worrying about today! My exams are finally over so I will be back to writing about some fun stuff very soon.

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  1. I didn't had an opinion about this after reading your post. Thank you to make me think about this, I wasn't very aware of this topic...


thank you x