90s style icons

Long time no see! My exams are over now so I'm back and ready to blog. Y'know when you through those style phases? Right now I'm going through a 90's phase.. I've been watching so many 90's movies I thought I better share a few of my favourite 90's style icons.

1) Leon from Leon The Professional (1995)
Mega crushing on Leon and her mature, sassy style. Ok so Topshop may sell a green bomber jacket very similar to hers but it just doesn't look the same if it's not paired with big docs, a choker and a red hat. Theres something about her 'don't care' attitude thats makes me oh so jel.

2) Ghost World (2001)
Ok so technically not 90's but it still counts right? A thing I love about Enid's style is how realistic it is, it changes so frequently and if thats not a true representation of my life, I don't know what is. She doesn't just chose one style like so the characters in Clueless for example, who are either preppy or grunge; she just embraces her indecisiveness and wear whatever.

3) Clueless (1995)
So I wasn't bashing Clueless when I said the characters are either grunge or preppy- because thats what I love about the film. I love Cher's matching two piece and her neatly combed hair, but I am also so in love with Tai's messy hair and overalls.

4) The Craft (1996)
I haven't seen this film in such a long time, it's crazy. I've seriously been channelling the girls looks recently, hitting up the charity shops for shift dress and cord jackets. There's something about the shapelessness of a long skirt or a shift dress with dark lips and a pair of round sunglasses that I just loveeee. Gal crushing

5) Dazed And Confused (1993)
90's does 70's is so wonderful. I love the high waisted trousers and little shorts. The long hair and again 'don't care' attitude makes the style. It's not really about what you wear after all, it's how you wear it and that seems to be a theme with all the characters.

Hope you've enjoyed my return I promise not to disappear for too long again. Also thanks to the gals who said hello to me in UO in Oxford Street like last month! That was cool:)
-lexie xo


  1. i love getting fashion inspiration from movies, especially from the 70's-90's!! just like you said for ghost world, our styles are always changing but somehow still a representation of ourselves!

    1. It's the best place to find inspo! x x

  2. 90s style icons are eveeerrythiinnggg. I think that's where I find myself getting inspiration from the most. It's probably my favorite time period (fashion-wise), too many great things.

  3. looove the 90s style! xo

  4. love this! i'm definitely going to refer to this when i go out shopping tomorrow :)

  5. I love watching 90's movies especially when they really bring out the cool styles back then. Love this!


  6. LOVE this, so cool

    Ruby x


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