I just finished watching the film "Her" by Spike Jonze. It's a film that has been on my watch list for a while, and I'm so glad I've finally got round to watching it. It was incredibly captivating and definitely one of the best films I have seen recently. The cinematography, the music and the acting was total perfection.

What I love about the film particularly is the character Samantha (if you haven't seen the film, Samantha's the computer he's in love with.) I love that through his connection with Samantha he's able to be happy again after a traumatic breakup. The fact we never see Samantha either (she is a robot I know, but they could have twisted the story so she becomes human idek) is also very powerful in itself. By just hearing her and their interactions does say something. We see him smiling and laughing with Samantha at times but with non-diagetic music. I feel this does say something else, that she's also a means of his self-discovery and his means to finding happiness. She knows practically everything, yet she takes on these human qualities (possibly weaknesses) and becomes almost human- but for herself or for him?

It is a truly beautiful piece of cinema. Seeing the scenes of him and Catherine were both heart-wrenchingly sad and beautiful. The balance between being sad and happy throughout the film was so well achieved.
I would definitely recommend this film, Karen O wrote 'The Moon Song' for it too (and you all know how much I love Karen O.)


  1. i was always a little freaked out about this movie and therefore haven't seen it yet, but your review sounds so good that I'm just going to have to give in so thank youu!


    1. The idea freaked me out at first too but it's defo worth a watch! x

  2. i still need to watch this, top of my list lol xox


thank you x