a new place 2 drown


I was so excited when I heard about Archy Marshall's (aka King Krule, aka Zoo Kid, aka DJJD Sports) newest project "A New Place 2 Drown." Not only is it a new album, but a 3 part film, book and album combo.
The film itself is very cool in showing where Marshall and his brother have grown up, and feels almost quite nostalgic with footage of him and his friends hanging in London. I totally love the grainy 90's style footage paired with illustrations.

The music itself is so perfect. Whereas "6 Feet Beneath The Moon" (Marshall's first album) channels more guitar/bass feel to it, "A New Place 2 Drown" has a more 90s hip-hop feel to it. Marshall's combined the feel of 90s rap with synth and layered sounds adding his own twist to it.
What I've always loved is Marshall's lyrics, and ANP2D certainly fulfils my expectations.
Go Check it out
-lexie xoxox


  1. im so obsessed with a new place 2 drown! my fave is arise dear brother and I'm currently waiting on my book to arrive!


  2. I love this project of his, so cool!!


thank you x