Jumper- Charity shop
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Charity shop
Sunglasses- H&M
Shoes- Doc Martens

Hello y'all! This week has been crazy. On Monday, I went to see  lil James Bay perform with my friend Grace as she got me tickets for my birthday back in June. Then on Wednesday I went to see Peace with my friend Esme. They were so amazing live, totally crazy but defo one to watch live.
Then on Thursday it was my schools open evening which we had to help out at.. Then on Friday me and Gracey went on an outing to Brighton and she took these snaps of me.
I bought this jumper as a random impulse buy from a charity shop. It was super big so I gave it a little crop so it would look good with high waisted jeans. This is literally the outfit I've been living in this week!
-Lexie xo


  1. That jumper literally looks so cute, especially with the crop!

  2. Great post dear! I love your blog:)

  3. The jumper looks lovely! Great find, and nice job shortening it too - gives it a modern feel. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Beautiful photos. I love how you've styled your jumper <3

  5. Im so jealous you got to see James bay, he is so amazing ( and very beautiful of course!!!)
    Your jumper looks amazing, what a great find!!!
    Have a good week,
    Bethany xx
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  6. Your jumper is so gorgeous and I love how you cropped it! x

  7. Love your jumper so much, such a good charity shop find. I saw James Bay at Glasto this year, he was so good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. That sweater looks so nice with that pants! Also, I like the location for your pictures, that graffity is nice (:

  9. I love that jumper and how you've styled it ♥

  10. Nice pictures
    Have a good day

  11. I really love you :)

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  12. Cool jumper!


  13. Super lucky for getting to see James Bay!! Love the outfit. If you don't mind check me out too.

  14. Love the outfit and James Bay so lucky!! By the way Check me out too ?!!


thank you x

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