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It's a well known fact that theres a lack of girls in bands, where are all the babes at? Did no one watch school of rock? Florence and the machine were the first female-fronted band to headline Glastonbury since 1999- that was sixteen years ago.. What is going on?
I thought I would share some of my favourite female-fronted bands with y'all- so go listen. 
lexie xo 

1) Wolf Alice

2) Haim

3) Deap Vally

 4) Girlpool

5) Hinds (fka Deers)

6) London Grammar

7) Honeyblood


  1. I literally love all of these bands, these girls are so cool!


  2. I love Wolf Alice, Haim and London Grammer, I've never heard of the others though! I will check them out though, I also really like the band Ivy & Gold who have a girl lead singer. They don't really sound like any of the bands here, but they're good :)x (in my opinion at least)

  3. Wowow I never even realised that! I srsly need to check these peeps out! x

  4. HELL YA I LOVE ALL GIRL BANDS!!! forever dreaming of learning how to play an instrument to start my own riot grrrl band, how dope would that be?!!?

    xoxo bad sass

  5. girl power!! you got a fab music taste mate why aren't i as cool as you;) x

  6. Oh I love them so much! And they're so cool :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx


thank you x

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