music mondays: Tame Impala Currents

photos from Tumblr (I'm seriously kicking myself at how beautiful the album artwork is too lol)

Three days ago we were all blessed with the 3rd Album from the Aussie psychedelic rock band known to you and I as Tame Impala. Currents has almost definitely lived up to it's pressures from the bands previous album Lonerism- Kevin Parker totally nailed ittt.

Currents channels heavier focus on synth and bass making it easy to compare to 70's pop. This upbeat vibe almost juxtaposes some of the deeper lyrics Parker has written. This contrast to the heavier lyrics shows almost a new maturity for the band whilst they maintain their signature synth sound.

With there being noticeably less effects 'masking' the lyrics in Currents, the album is open to interpretation. Parker has skilfully constructed the album to show almost the change in maturity of someone as they overcome the barrier stopping them (as Shia Lebouf would say) from 'Just doing it!' Parker has 'labeled' the album as a breakup album, the song Eventually particularly showing the end of a relationship and the urgency of a quick, painless breakup that we crave in such a wasteful, quick-paced society.
The final song in Currents- 'New Person, same old mistakes' addresses the issues that come with changing (or not really changing..) as a person. The song addresses Parkers issues of letting down his audience and that he in turn is the biggest critic of his own work. Even if he changes there will still be a part of him that is skeptic- the song shows how self-doubt is actually a pretty normal and natural thing.
Currents is a total summer must have. The heavy synth, simple guitar riffs and heavy bass make the album noticeably stand out against the others whilst maintaining that incred psychedelic rock sound.

What do you guys think of Currents?
-Lex xo

also lemme know what you think of this post! I'll be doing this type of thing as well as playlists etc most Mondays hopefully....
This was kinda long and deep y'all cos theres just lyke loads to say #issues


  1. Tame Impala is literally one of the coolest bands today. The artwork also looks amazing. I have always loved their sound- that psychedelic rock. I could listen to it all day. Let It Happen is playing in my head right now haha :) x


    1. They are so cool! It's such a catchy tune! xo

  2. Doesn't knew the band, but they actually sounds quite good! Thanks for showing us!


  3. super cool post dude x

  4. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!


thank you x