music monday: Father John Misty

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Josh Tillman AKA Father John Misty is a new love of mine.  Having been a listener of Fleet Foxes I can certainly hear the influence, his voice holds the Fleet Foxes trademark of being so god dang smooth.
Tillman released his first solo album 'Fear Fun' in 2012 and it's a truly beautiful album. I can't tell you the number of times I've drifted to sleep listening to it. It reminds me almost of some of Dylan's early electric stuff.. is that just me?

(my fav song from Fear Fun)

His most recent album 'I love you, HoneyBear' came out in early February of this year and let me tell you, it's incred. The lyrics are so well written and the whole album has been constructed with such precision. After each listen I find myself with almost a new perception to it.

Lets also not forget Tillmans incredible covers too. You may have heard of him from his cover of Arcade Fire's 'The Suburb's' which he absolutely killed. He put almost a folky spin on the song and I'm gonna say I do kinda prefer it to the original.
He's also covered Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box and Leonard Cohen's Bird on a Wire. Despite both songs being of totally different genres, he never ceases to add his signature spin to both covers, almost making them seem like different songs.

I hope you guys enjoy his tunes, his new album is an absolute must for this summer. Hope you liked this post too despite it being a little different... there will be more to come!
-Lex xo


  1. Wow thanks for bringing this dude to my attention! Loved the first song! x


  2. such a good taste in music dude xx

  3. I doesn't know this artist, but he sounds great! Thanks for showing us!


  4. yes!!!!!!! loved fleet foxes and love father john misty! x


thank you x