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(me and t messing on Photo Booth..)

I'm not sure that I posted it on here but I went on holiday about 2 weeks ago to Spain and I got back Sunday- hence a lack of posts.. But alas I've returned! I took a redic amount of photos and I've been sifting through them to find the best ones for you guys on te blog. I also made a little macbook purchase yesterday which is mega exciting. It's something I've wanted/been saving up for, for a while and I've finally been able to buy it.. definitely worth the wait. 
Nevertheless, me and Tash went on a little trip to the canal in our town. We cycled down and had a little picnic and took some photos. I'll show you the photos soon but first heres a little video I made of our trip. I wanna start making more youtube videos so hit me up on what you guys would like to see!
-Lex xo 


  1. we're so fabulous! Your video is amaze Lex x

  2. This is so cute. I love what both of you are wearing + also especially your hair and shoes. Not to mention you look hella tan + hot.

    1. ah thank you- holidays are the only time I tan *sigh*

  3. omg the video was sooooo cute and soothing, love it!

  4. So cute!
    Btw I literally saw your doppelganger in H&M last week

  5. the video is so sweet! You both look gorgeous <3



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