gardens part 2

As a continuation of last weeks fiasco in the gardens, here is part 2! I'm also being incredibly lazy because I cant be bothered to change all the photo widths to fit the blog, I'm gonna have to leave them all small :(
Anyway, this is well and truly my last post on lexiealexandra until late June. With exams fast approaching, I feel it's best to stop now. I really don't want to leave the blogsphere for 2 months but it looks like I'm gonna have to. Nevertheless, in the summer there will be lots of fun posts, I'm looking forward to it.
Don't have too much fun without me guys!

*I will be active on  instagram per usual, probs procrastinating revision.. so follow me there @lexiealexandra

What's your opinion?

  1. Beautiful Pictures!!!

  2. these photos are so beautiful! good luck with your exams lexie, and don't overwork yourself!! :* xxx

  3. i NEED to visit this garden!! good luck w exams, we'll miss u <3

  4. Best of luck Lexie <3 we'll miss you on here but see you soon! xo

    Lexi Likes

  5. Oh no! Don't leave just when I've discovered your blog!


  6. we will do this again in summer! loveee this pal x

  7. lovely pictures! goodluck with exams, and can't wait until you can continue blogging!

  8. These photographs are beutifull!

  9. Good luck with your exams! x

  10. So my procrastination has lead me to your blog and wow have I missed the little blogging world! Loved all the posts revision (or pretending to do so) had made me miss, such great quality photos and you look beautiful in them all. These gardens pictures look lovely too and I can't wait for the more posts summer has to bring! Love your blog more each post Xx

    1. Ah it's been so hard taking a break from blogging, I've missed it so much! Thank you Annie, I cant wait to see what you'll be posting this summer too! I hope your exams went well :) xx


thank you x