update and q+a

I feel as though I haven't posted in forever! January is almost over and I can't believe it.
I feel as though I haven't done much either, nevertheless my absence calls for a little catchup! This month I've mainly been catching up with homework and coursework (I say that but all I've been doing is procrastinating.) I feel as though school work is taking over but, after all my exams are done I'll have a lot of time to blog and I have some awesome plans.
Last weekend I went to my friend Georgia's 16th and the next day, I went to Halfords with my dad to get a new bike. It's a really pretty 70's style bike and I'm certainly going to be taking some photos soon!
I haven't done a YouTube video in a while and I was thinking about doing a q+a video! If you have any questions please leave them below and I can answer them in the video!

What have you been up to?
-Lexie xo


  1. Cannot wait to see this seventies bike. Question: Dream superpower?


  2. aw the bike sounds amazing! i hope your school work clears up a bit - my god i am so envious that this year you'll be getting the long summer!! for your q&a, who or what is your biggest inspiration style-wise??xx


  3. i need to see your bike! questions- what made you want to start your blog? what's one thing not many people know about you? what was your favourite piece of clothing this time last year, and what is it now?
    Oh one more, who is your best friend ever? ;) x


  4. The bike sounds lovely, and I totally feel you on the homework front. I have two questions: What is your favorite affordable place to online shop? And, what camera do you use? Love your blog!


  5. The bike sounds lovely, and I totally feel you on the homework/ exams front. Two questions: What camera do you use? and What is your favorite affordable place to online shop?


  6. I love these photos!! So cute :)
    x Alyssa


thank you x