Film inspo- Karen O Day Go By Wiissa

(still from the video)

(another still..)

Hey guys, I'm majorly procrastinating right now, I should be planning an English lit essay, but meh.
I recently watched Karen O's new music video for Day Go By and I'm in love with it. When her album 'Crush Songs' came out, I had all the songs were on repeat. The songs are all so gorgeous and raw, so the video for Day Go By fits so well. It's very nostalgic and I love that. It makes me long for summer! I felt like sharing it will you all, let me know if you'd like to see more of these kind of posts.. I watch plenty of shorts on Nowness and YouTube to share with you all..

Oh I'm gonna try and schedule some posts so my postings a little more frequent.. I've recorded a q&a video too so it'll be up soon!



  1. Love lil posts like this! Can't wait for the video x

  2. the video is beautiful, and thank you so much for this introduction as I love her music!! she reminds me a little of hinds ('deers' on Spotify), who I don't know if you've heard of but I think you'd really like - 'bamboo' is a favourite of mine! they're playing brighton soon but it's 18+ as always ugh ahah <3 xxx


    1. Ah I love Hinds! They're so gorgeous and there music is the bomb! That sucks, I'd love to see them! xo

  3. Karen O is a babe and thanks for showing me the video! Love how hazy the sun is, the imagery with the song is just perfect x


  4. Thank you for introducing me to this artist, she has such a lovely voice! This video is so cute and I'm now feeling even more nostalgic about past summers than I already was!


  5. KAREN O IS GOD. Ever since Her and the moon song I have been quite in love with her. seriously. awesome post!



thank you x