(These 2 photos of Aus are from Kalle Lundholm who has some seriously awesome stuff, I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing them..)


The first place on my travel bucket list has gotta be Australia/ New Zealand. I know a few of you guys are actually from Australia, and I envy you so much. I've always dreamed of visiting Australia, it looks like such a beautiful country. The beaches look insane, so much better then the UK (even though I do love our beaches.) It looks so tropical and gorgeous. I desperately want to visit NZ too, the landscape looks amazing.

How gorgeous does it look? The water looks so beautiful, I can just imagine swimming in it, lazying around on the beach and exploring villages. Ever since I started watching the BBC TV series Death In Paradise, (which is set in a made up Island but it's actually filmed in Guadeloupe.) I've been wanting to visit, anyone else? It's so stunning argh.

Monica Forss 
I'm currently trying to convince my parents to let next years holiday be to Venice or Italy. If these pictures don't do it, I don't know what will. It looks like such a beautiful city full of so much history and culture. In Italy, I also really want to visit Pompeii. It sounds amazing and I'm so captivated by what happened. My parents have heard Italy's really expensive though so... hmm.

Last year there was actually a school trip to Iceland which I so wish I went on. Quite a few people I know have actually visited Iceland (with school and without) and they all said it was amazing. How gorgeous does the landscape look, and the volcanic water pool thingys sound so awesome. I really want to skateboard down the road that's in Secret Life Of Walter Mitty too, although I would probably have to up my skating  game.


God damn it Morocco. Morocco is so high on the list on places I want to visit. I've heard such awesome things about it. The markets, the architecture, everythinggg. I get some seriously good vibes from it all. My dad refuses to take us there though because he's paranoid we'll all get sold into the slave trade. I guess that's always a worry... I'll just have to go when I'm older without him!

India again is easily the top place I want to visit. The markets, the people, the buildings. I really agree with a lot of teachings in the Hindu faith so, I feel it could be awesome to find out more about their faith. Ever since I can remember, I remember drawing, drawings of what I could imagine it being like. Essena O'Neill is currently visiting India and I'm following her journey on Instagram and falling in love with the place.

There are so many places I would love to visit, I can't wait to travel. I've never really talked about it on here but, I figured I would do a post on it to show you all the beautiful places I want to visit. Of course there are lots of other places I would like to visit, but I couldn't find photos of them all! I would absolutely love to do a road trip of the US, and to visit South America too!
Where do you want to go?

Photos- Tumblr. I tried to give credit to the ones I found the sources of! If you're the owner of one of them and would like it removed or credited please let me know!