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 Hey guys today I thought I would do a film recommendations / films I like kinda post. It's the Christmas holidays (as of tomorrow for me eek) so that means plenty of film watching in this cold weather!
1. The Royal Tenebaumns.
A classic from my favourite director, Wes Anderson. I would definitely recommend this film for y'all to watch. I love the story plot, the characters, Anderson's awesome filming and the cool soundtrack. His films always amaze me and this is one of my favourites of his.

2. Marie Antoinette
This film is the ultimate chick flick. Sophia Coppola effortlessly mixes a modern soundtrack with 18th century clothing/styles. The film basically made me want to be Marie Antoniette or part of her gang. Who wouldn't want to buy shoes and eat cake all day?

3. Frances Ha
I recently watched this film and fell in love. It's filmed in a French Noir style, but set in present times. It's a very relatable film and definitely shows what life in New York would be like unlike my expectations of it being like Friends. Frances is like the girl next door!

4. Rebel Without a Cause
At the start of the year, my local cinema was having a showing of Rebel Without A Cause and I had to go and see it. I love James Dean (he's beautiful) and Rebel Without A Cause is a classic. I love the styles, the actors, the scenes, I love it allll. Lets just say for the month after, all I wore was big skirts and I wore my hair in ribbons.

5. Wayne's World
I had to throw this film in, because no matter what it's my ultimate favourite. It's so random and funny, everything a film needs to be! Wayne and Garth and my aspirations in life, can I just be them? Party on Wayne!

6. Virgin Sucides
Finally, there's the Virgin suicides, Another Sophia Coppola. I first found out about this film through Rookie and it's a constant source of inspiration. The Lisbon Sisters are gorgeous, and I always try to dress like them.

I hope you liked this little post of my recommendations! Have you seen any of them, what do think?