2014 has been an amazing year. I've been offered loads of amazing opportunities, from working with brands, attending fashion shows, visiting Paris to going to festivals and doing the colour run. It's been a really memorable year. It's also been a tough year, but I'm thankful for my amazing family and friends.
I made a little video of all (not all) of the photos on my phone to commemorate this year. It has photos from my sisters wedding, to photos of me and my friends! Although I'm always on Instagram and blogging away, I don't post all my photos so these are ones you may not have seen..
I hope you enjoy it, and happy new year!
Let's see what 2015 holds!



  1. I love the picture above the video- I think I'll print it and put it on my wall!

    xx, Amelie

    P.S. Have an amazing New Year!


    1. It's a really lovely quote/print! Happy new year!

  2. Love the quote so much! Video is super cute too. We should definitely go to some fashion events together this year! xo



thank you x

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