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inspiration by lululexie on Polyvore

Hi! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. I got back from my holiday in Spain on the 31st and since then I've been revising like crazy because I have mocks next week.. In fact I should be revising now but I was on the laptop an it felt weird not to do a blog post. Next weekend I'll post my photos from Spain but, as that involves editing the photos etc I'll wait until my exams are over. I decided to use polyvore to make this inspiration post because I thought it would look cool as a collage type thing!
So, if you can't judge from the photos, I'm currently obsessing over, Alexa Chung, Matt Hitt, Wild Belle and Chloe Norgaard. I recently watched Chloe Norgaard's Stylelikeu's Whats underneath project and I loved it. The whole project is my favourite thing on YouTube, it's so inspiring seeing how what people wear has been affected by their lives. It's so amazing watching them open up to the screen and I have been brought to tears by a few of them. 
As for Wild Belle, I saw them in an interview last year and I absolutely loved their style so I went to listen to their music and loved it even more. Their music is a mixture of folk and reggae (the best way to put it!) and it's uber catchy.
Who is your favourite artist at the moment?


  1. This is some great inspiration. Such pretty pictures.
    Bright Shiny Day

  2. Great images. I'm always obesessing over Alexa, she's great! x


  3. such beautiful images! xx

  4. I love the pics!!! Love your blog.


  5. Great collection of pics!


  6. I really like your first wall of inspiration, the color palette is just perfect!


thank you x