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christmas stocking fillers

I'm so bad at buying presents. Who do you buy for? How much do you spend? No one ever knows what they want which makes it 100x harder. So, I aimlessly wandered through Polyvore and threw together this little gift guide for y'all. All of the items are under £30, so perfect for presents for friends.
 My general rule is no jewellery, it's always really hard to get right unless you know the person super well, but plain necklaces and rings are always really good presents because who doesn't like them? Jewellery holders make awesome presents because, everyone has jewellery. Urban Outfitters have some seriously cool jewellery holders and trinket bowels! It makes me want to organise all my jewellery.
Fashion books always make really good presents. I love receiving them and they're normally pretty cheep (aside from the big Vogue ones and the Mario Testino book.) Sophia Amoruso's #girlboss book will make an amazing gift for anyone into fashion. She's a serious inspiration for any girl out there.
Buying cosmetics for people is always really hard. You want to make sure you get them something that they will definitely use, so drug store makeup is usually a no no. Buying a (fairly) pricey mascara or eyeliner is always a really good present, because they might not buy that for themselves. Bobbi Brown have some really nice mascaras for under £20. Bargain!
What are you going to be buying your friends for Chrimbo?


  1. Love that Madewell clutch! Thanks for commenting on my blog again :-) I still have no idea what to get my friends- we're doing a £5 secret santa so I need to get thinking! x


  2. I have the same problems, I don't always know what to get for my friends and this is such a great post.
    umm,, I usually buy my friends make up sometimes T-shirts or a painting made by me. If i'm on a very tight budget.

    I am your new follower. :D Great blog!


  3. lexie this post is on point! there is literally not an item there that I wouldn't looove to find under the tree haha - I may have to leave some *subtle* hints around the house for that jewellery holder especially (and by that I mean leave the link open on every computer in the house for the next month). the clutch as well is beauuutiful. hope you are well xx


    1. You're back woow! I was missing your comments and posts! I'm good thanks, hope you're well too! I'm in love with the jewellery holder... I desperately need somewhere to put my rings! I'm hoping my mum will see this post and get some ideas haha xx

  4. I loved this guide! Getting presents for people in Xmas time is not THAT common where I live. You usually just do it for your closest family members and that's all. It sucks but it does save you the stressing over presents for friends!
    mortem blonde

  5. Lovely selection of gift ideas! Really like the Nars nail polish :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Love everything here ah <3 Your so right about a nice mascara and I love the bralet! Need to start planning my christmas gifts!


  7. Lovely bra!



thank you x