I love books, every type of book (even if they take me forever to read.) But, my favourite type of books are definitely fashion/photography books,I read them cover to cover. Today I thought I would share with you four of my favourite fashion/photography books.
1. It by Alexa Chung
This is a no brainer, it's instantly at the top of my list. I love Alexa oh so much. She's perfect in every single way and the It book is basically a guide in how to be her.. What's not to like? I love how you can see all her little doodles and find out all about her. I have the book in hardback and its gorg but, I gotta say I'm quite tempted to buy the paperback!
2. South west USA by Gerd Kittel
I'm not sure on the exact background of how my family have this book but, if I remember rightly my Dad bought it in the US when he was visiting in the 80's. I get really excited looking at this book, Gerd Kittel is a really amazing photographer. The book captures both the amazing scenery of the south west, whilst also capturing the relationship between the land and the inhabitants.
3. Robert Doisneau by Jean Claude Gautrand
I bought this book at the beginning of the year in Paris, it features the work of iconic French photographer Robert Doisneau (no way.) I absolutely love his work, it really captures everyday life in Paris from the 30's right up to the 80's.
4. Bailey Exposed- David Bailey
I have always loved David Bailey ever since I heard about him. He's so down to earth and real, he's not pretentious like a lot of photographers. The book features some unseen photographs and some lovely quotes about him from the amazing people he's worked with. It's really gorgeous and make me laugh a lot.
What are your favourite books?


  1. i am also so in love, like head over heels in love, w it by alexa!! there's just something very special about her doodles, photography, and quotes....


  2. Ahh Alexa! Cool selection. I'm in love with the facehunter's book & Girlboss atm!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy


thank you x