label.m review.

So inside of my lfwend goodie bag I was gifted two Label.m products; the salt spray and shine spray. I was also lucky enough to get my hair done by Toni and Guy and my sister bought me the relaxing balm after the hairdresser used it in my hair. So here is my review of three products by Label.m.

Relaxing Balm- This product is supposed to be used to tame and control  curly/ fizzy hair. Firstly, the product smells amazing with a scent of lavender. The product is clear and quite thick, although I had been expecting a moose consistency. I found this made it easy to use too much product.  Nevertheless, the product does a great job at cutting the frizz and I can definitely see the difference on my frizzy, 1st day hair.

Sea Salt Spray- I love this product so much. Despite having tonnes of sea salt sprays, this definitely stands out as a favourite alongside Bumble and Bumbles. The smell is really hard to define, I would personally say it's quite medicinal but not in an overwhelming way. The spray comes out and is visible so you really have to work it in which is good as it works more effectively.

Shine Spray- Despite only using this product once, I would have to say it is very good. I must admit, I haven't yet tried it on dry hair but it was very effective on wet hair. My first worry was that it would make my hair appear greasy however, it didn't at all! The product has a fruity fragrance which I prefer to both of the other two products smells.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Label.m products. They smell and look amazing, and all in all work for my hair type! I would definatley recommend them, particularly the relaxing balm for those of you with thick hair.


*I started a Tumblr Portfolio of some of my photography stuff. I would be so grateful if you could check it out, I still don't know if it's a good idea or not.. www.lexiealexandraphotography.tumblr.com


  1. What an amazing post supported by such beautiful visual story.
    Glad i came across this post. Its always a delight to go through your blog :)


  2. these look amazing, I love the photos Lexie! x


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