Despite the fact that it isn't summer any more and that it's basically winter, I've somehow managed to create an inspiration post that is very summery. Nevertheless, here are some things I've been reblogging on Tumblr recently.
I've been trying to reinvent my style to be more bohemian. I currently wouldn't put my style to be in any category per say but, all I can say is that I find my style a bit boring.I want to reflect who I am in my clothes and  I don't feel like I'm doing that at the moment.. Do you ever feel like that?


  1. I'm always trying to re invent my style, but unfortunately I never have enough money :/ but I would love to be just a mixture of everything! Lovely posts, you seem like you have a great tumblr
    Eden xx // edenroses

    1. Totally with you on that! My style is too expensive!

  2. I always love your inspiration posts because the photos are such eye candy! I honestly don't know what my style is but I always try to have a fresh take on things, but - you guessed it - I don't have enough money (or the right body) to dress up the way I really want! xx

  3. I love all these pictures, especially the last one! I love your style Lexie, it's very cute, vintage and bohemian! x

  4. Love this inspiration post, such cool photos and love the gif Xx


thank you x

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