Sunday was equally as action-packed as Saturday. We woke up a lot later but still fit in a lot. We went to the shard first and had a drink. It was the perfect opportunity to get snapping and I took hundreds of photos, fortunately for you lot I haven't put them all in! It was so lovely up there and the views were amazing. 
After that we walked along the river to the Tate gallery. It was a really lovely walk and we got to see so much. The Tate was amazing too, I got so much inspiration for art and my next topic of fragments. 
What's your favourite thing to do in London?


  1. My favourite thing is to see all the tourists and feel proud that I live there haha. Oh and Camden Market of course!!

  2. Love all the photos! And new blog design <3 <3 <3


  3. Your theme is absolutely gorgeous, and your blog is so interesting! So happy I found it!
    Every time I visit London I always take the time to kind of visit and remember places and people I still know there. I always end in camden market and hyde park though, or just taking the long way to walk to tate alongside the river.
    idk I literally try to do everything

  4. Beautiful photos x


  5. I love your photography, and your layout is beautiful! x

  6. I wish I could answer your question but sadly I DO NOT LIVE IN/ANYWHERE NEAR LONDON *cries*. You look like you had a sick time! Museums/art galleries are pretty much the coolest human invention. (funny cause they're used to show off things like inventions! hah! I'm very not funny.)



thank you x