Hello! I hope your all good after the first full week back. I'm now year 11 and I'm already feeling the pressure. I have about 10 billion exams in the next couple of weeks and a hella lot of coursework. This week of course is London Fashion Week too! I'm going to be going to two shows next Saturday at the Vodafone Fashion Weekend which I'm really looking forward to. It will definitely take my mind off school work..
These are some of my favourite photos off Tumblr at the moment. I had so many photos to choose from and these are the ones that made the cut! Out of them all I specifically like the smile photo, it just looks so natural. Only one more month of braces for me eeek. 
I'll see you all next week with fashion week posts!



  1. Love these inspiration pics from tumblr Lexie, they're all so perfect! I hope you enjoy LFW, really wish I was going! And good luck with all the exams this year Xx

  2. these pictures are perfect! Im so jel of you going to London ehe
    Tasha xxx

  3. Great collection of photos from tumblr :)
    Drop by my blog? Leave me a comment if so.

    my blog || Bloglovin

  4. Amazing inspirational photos!! Enjoy fashion week gal!!

    Xx Barbora

  5. stunning post x


thank you x

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