If you've been wondering where I've been for the past week, I've been on holiday in Devon! My mum's friend has a holiday home in Devon so we went for the week. It was a really lovely little holiday and the weather was surprisingly good (most of the time.) We managed to visit a lot of beaches, one of my favourite being Hope cove (see 9th photo.) We also went to Dartmouth (photos 15-17) which is a Town located on a estuary with lots of pretty houses! From there we got a ferry to Agatha Christie's crib (photos 1-6.) The National Trust were doing work on the house so it was all covered up with scaffolding which wasn't fun. I've got to say, personally I was expecting her house to be a little bit more exciting. Her house was quite knackered really.
Anyway, it was such a nice holiday, Devon is a beautiful place, the views are incredible. When your driving you come across these amazing landscapes.
Are you going on holiday anywhere or are you going on holiday? 


  1. looks amazing Lex, I love your photography xxx

  2. I don't think I'll be travelling this year at all ): but these are such lovely pictures ♥ Devon seems like a beautiful place!
    mortem blonde

  3. Lovely pictures. Looks like you had a good time!


    a free mind

  4. Your photographs are amazing!



thank you x