The day I took these photos was the day after we got hurricane Bertha and therefore, it was crazy windy. I don't know why I decided to wear a hat because as you can see in the last photos, it kept blowing away. I have about a dozen photos of me clutching my hat for dear life. 
I bought this top in h&m the other day, I absolutely love it! They didn't have it in a small so I had to get a medium hence the massive arm holes. It's such a nice cut though, the high neck is perfect. 
I have a problem with white tops though. I constantly spill things on them and ruin them! It's happened a countless amount of times no matter how careful I am. Hell, this top has stains from a banana on it! Is that possible? I don't even know. 
Well if you have any tips for not spilling things on it, I would be very appreciative.
-Lexie x