I've got to say, I took these photos ages ago but I've only just got around to posting them... It's finally the summer holidays for me, it feels like year 10 went by so fast and now I'm in year 11- how weird is that?! 
I bought these things ages ago but I still feel like I need to do this post. 
THE HAT: I bought this hat for £12 from Ebay. I'm not normally one for wearing hats I'm not keen on the look of them, but I love fedora hats like this one. Seeing as it was only £12, I felt I needed to invest in it, and I'm glad I did. 
THE DRESSES: Both of these dresses were under £15 which is brill. I bought the pink one for Goodwood but, it looks really good at the beach with a bikini underneath. 
As for the black dress, I'm not so keen. I love the neckline but in general I find the style hard to wear. It hasn't got a lot of shape so does kind of look like I'm wearing a tent! Nonetheless, it is uber comfy so I'll find an occasion to wear it. 
THE WALLET: As you know this wallet was a bargain for me. It cost me £35 from the Outnet and I love it. It's so, so good to have a proper wallet to keep all my money and cards in!
THE SUNGLASSES: These sunglasses are knock-off House of Holland glasses. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the real things so I'll have to make do with these, but they are very good for £5. 
THE VINYL: I love Lana Del Rey, she is definitely one of my favourite female artists so obvs I had to buy her on vinyl. I bought Paradise first but, it didn't have National Anthem on (which is one of my favourite songs by her) so I had to buy the track. 
I hope y'all have a good summer or winter wherever you are! 
-Lexie xx


  1. everything looks so pretty :}
    mortem blonde

  2. The glasses are Life!!! Yaa ikr the real ones are soo expensive!!
    Ultra iolence <3

    Xx Barbora

  3. Oooh, the pink dress looks gorgeous! Lana Del Rey is awesome, love her new album. I'm starting sixth form now, so that's scary :O. Year 11 is hard, but as long as you work hard all year and don't wait till the end it's fine. :)

  4. Stunning purchases. Beautiful photos x

  5. Love the dresses! Great photos aswell hun, what camera do you use?x
    Jess x
    Ps- Thanks for your comment on my blog x

  6. love your hat soooo much!

  7. ah everything you purchased is lovely!! i especially love the sunnies :-)
    just followed x


  8. Love the recent purchases, especially the sunnies, although there is absolutely no way I could pull them off myself.

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. I am now following your blog via GFC and bloglovin'

    Wardrobe Quarry

  9. Loving fedora's at the minute, I can't decide whether to go black or maybe mix things up and choose a colour.... hmmmm.

    Great Bargains!

  10. Luurrve all these buys! Ahh I was in Topshop today and spotted a Fedora hat but couldn't bring myself to pay their prices but I knew I could find an identical dupe, just like this one Also the wallet is lushhh.

    Jess x

  11. I love all of this! Especially the sunglasses. amazing!

  12. You look just stunning!
    I think this outfit looks so pretty and your style is so unique!
    Thanks for sharing this article with us ;) I’m looking forward to read your next one ;)

    Xx Julia


thank you x

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