Hey y'all I hope your having a good week, I'm scheduling this post so at the moment its Sunday and I'm still in party mood! Today I thought I would show you some of things I bought with Tasha on her birthday (and the it book because, it's too pretty.)
1. I bought these shoes and I love em, if you want to read any more about them check out this post
2. I bought this bralette/crop top from H&M for £1.99. It's perfect for the summer and for wearing to the gym.
3. Finally, I bought these sunglasses from Primark for a pound to replace my old H&M ones. They do the job perfectly and I love the shape!
I hope you all have a good rest of the week,
-Lexie xx


  1. I love the crop top! 'it' by Alexa Chung is so pretty, my sister has it and I love stealing it every now and then to read and look at the pictures! Xx

  2. i love all of this! ps i bought the same top last week haha :)

  3. I love those sandals! I've been looking for a pair of stripy white sandals and those are too cute!!

    Taylor xx

  4. So in love with the crop top and Alexa's book! I still need to get my hands on it ):
    mortem blonde

  5. Absolutely love the texture of that top. That Chanel quote though. :)
    J + M

  6. okay that top is perfect and £1.99???? I have to get it haha! I'm so in need of some primark sunnies at the minute, and ahh 'It' is the best! xx

  7. Wonderful additions, the "butter quote" made me laugh and I adore the little top so much. x

  8. Love all 3 of your purchases, I'm in need of a white pair of shoes and I love that crop top!x

  9. Sandals and sunglasses and the book! Everything's lovely! x

  10. Love the Alexa Chung 'It' book, it's soo good! That bralette is also really cute and such a great price, I need to go in H&M soon! :)
    Love you blog :)

    Millie x

  11. Love your photos Lex, shopping was so fun :)
    Tasha xxx

  12. I looove the h&m shirt and shoes <33
    All is super pretty

    Xx Barbora

    1. Lexie I tagged you to tumblr tag on my blog :)) Hope u will check

      xx Barbora


thank you x

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